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Branding at Shropshire Workwear Solutions

We can personalise your workwear with your company logo, name, address... the possibilities are endless. We use many methods to translate your artwork onto various different items, and the three most popular are below.

We work carefully with you to get the right result, whether the design is in your head and needs realising by our designers, or whether you already have artwork read to add to your clothing, we can guide you every step of the way to find and produce the best result for your needs.


Embroidered workwear is at the pinnacle of class when showing your company corporate identity due to it's hand-finished look and raised stitchwork.

Using state-of-the-art stitching machines, we can take almost any logo and recreate it with coloured threads. The embroidered logo/design becomes a part of the fabric, and is therefore impervious to most damage/washing.

Heat press

This method of branding involves taking your artwork and cutting it from vinyl sheeting using robotic cutters, and then applied to your fabric using a heat press.

Ideally suited to simple shapes, this method is laborious and can result in increased lead times.

Screen print

Using coloured inks and photographically produced 'screen', artwork can be applied to almost any item/surface.

Numerous colours can be layered together to achieve the required effect, and screen printing is suited particularly well to long print runs.